September 1988

The World in September 1988

In UK news the England cricket team was unable to play India due to several players being refused visas for involvement in South African cricket during apartheid. Margaret Thatcher made her infamous Bruges speech opposing moves to transition the European Economic Community to a federal Europe. It would take 32 years for us to extract ourselves from a federal Europe.

The US news mostly concerns finishing third in the Olympic medals table behind USSR and East Germany. Nothing suspicious going on there at all. In more positive news, Space Shuttle flights were resumed.

Elsewhere in the world Lillehammer won the right to host the 1994 Winter Olympics and Hurricane Gilbert tore Jamaica apart.

On TV Radio 1 made the switch to FM broadcasting, while channel 4 was forced to drop its invitation to Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein leader and terrorist) on a talk thow. Some excellent kids TV debuts with BBC1 giving us Stoppit and Tidyup along with The Snorks, both of which would surely give kids nightmares, while ITV gave us the magnificent Count Duckula – a cartoon from the creators of Danger Mouse about a vegetarian vampire duck voiced by the wonderful David Jason.

The singles chart is.. well it’s ok – the standout tracks for me are Teardrops which is an out and out banger, and The Only Way Is Up by Yazz.

The best movie in that chart is undoubtedly the magnificent Beetlejuice, if you haven’t watched it, please do.

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