ST Format 14 Cover Disk – Robotz and Mike Yocum

From the cover disk application listings.. anyone else seeing some dodginess with the developer’s name? Or do I just have a filthy mind?


ST Format Review

My Review

For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.6. Just for fun I’m going to review a little freebie on the ST Format 14 cover disk. I’m doing so because I remember it being quite a decent crack. It opens with the intro screen you see above and a nice bit of crunchy sampled sound.

First up, it’s single-screen, no scrolling. Probably wise given the ST’s limitations – it allows one to focus on gameplay without too much work getting performance out of it. The result of course is that it’s super-smooth. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was hitting 50FPS (because in the UK TVs ran at 50Hz).

Here’s a screen. Touch the wall, death. Touch the metallic turrets, death. Touch one of the bullets they fire, death. Your bullets only stun the turrets temporarily. The goal is to destroy the red thing (takes a fair few shots) then you can kill the robots and escape. The robots move in an almost turn-based fashion, while the red generator remains stationary, with initial positioning fairly random.

As you go on it throws multiple generators at you and tougher enemies but the format remains much the same. It’s obviously not going to stretch anyone’s brain but it’s a good honest bit of fun, remarkably built in only 5 days. Presentation is excellent and really the only fault I can offer is that with walls being death it asks you to squeeze through tiny gaps to which a digital joystick is not ideally suited.

Of course I had to do a silly high score.

Hope you guys don’t mind me covering some more esoteric things like this – I reckon there’s some interesting stuff to be found outside of commercial releases. And yes I will be covering Entombed when we get there.