August 1989

The World in August 1989
In the UK the West Midlands Police Serious Crime Squad was disbanded after years of fabricated confessions – the police were not defunded in general, just the rotten department disbanded and replaced with a less corrupt unit. Electronic tagging was introduced, allowing some offenders to be placed back in the community with minimal risk to the public.

In America, for the first time, a privately-owned rocket put a payload in space, a TV satellite. Elsewhere Gazprom (Russian energy production) became a state-run enterprise, and would many years later be used to hold Europe hostage by threatening to shut off gas supplies – a key tool in Putin’s international ambitions. In South Africa, president P W Botha was replaced by F W De Klerk, the man who would end apartheid. Voyager 2 approached Neptune and Triton.

The film charts look pretty damn good. Tum Burton’s Batman at #1 (the only decent one), the less brilliant Licence To Kill at #2, Katate Kid 3 at #3 and Indiana Jones at #4, though the less said about Police Academy 6 the better.

The album chart sees little movement from the previous month, with the only new entry of any significance being Gloria Estefan with Cuts Both Ways.

The singles chart were a tad bonkers. Jive Bunny at #1, which was a mash-up of swing tracks over a video featuring a cartoon rabbit, while at #2 we had Lil Louis’s French Kiss which consisted of a dance track with a woman having an orgasm, followed by more conventional fare from Kylie, Martika and Liza Minnelli (by far her best track), and the wonderful Shakespear’s Sister (You’re History). Outside the top 10 is the brilliant Ride On Time by Black Box and Pure by the Lightning Seeds (who would be bigger in the 90s), London Nights by London Boys was an absolute corker and Days by Kirsty MacColl was another brilliant song.

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ST Format Issue 2

This Month’s Reviews

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Review: Verminator

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Review: Robocop

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Review: Kick Off 1

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August 1988

The World In August 1988

In UK news Gazza’s transfer record didn’t last long as Everton paid West Ham £2.3m for Tony Cottee. A couple of weeks later Ian Rush would break that record again with a £2.7m move from Juventus back to Liverpool. In more exciting news, pubs were now allowed to stay open all day.

The US is light on news, with the main event being the Republicans nominating George Bush Sr as president (we didn’t call him that then but with George W Bush later becoming president we have to distinguish between them somehow).

Elsewhere in the world Burma had a massive uprising in which thousands were killed, and Al-Quaeda was formed. The Iraq-Iran war ended in ceasefire, ending a bloody conflict which had been disastrous for the middle east.

On TV there was an infamous incident on Top Of The Pops. Traditionally bands would mime to each song, and All About Eve had prepared to do so but the backing track was not played through their monitors leaving them standing there not knowing what was going on. They would be invited back to play live the next week.

UK film charts aren’t 100% reliable but Comint To America seems to be at #1. At least Police Academy 5: Why Are We Still Making These had been displaced from #1. Probably the biggest US release was Young Guns, and.. well that’s about it. A quiet month.

The album chart has Now That’s What I Call Music 12 at #1. For those unfamiliar the Now series was a compilation of the hits of the day, a good option for those who couldn’t afford to buy singles. Another compilation Hits 8 as at #5 demonstrating the popularity of the format. Kylie was at #2 and Fairground Attraction were at #3 while Michael Jackson was at #6 with Bad (which had been on the chart for nearly a year) to give us some quality.

The singles chart isn’t bad – the brilliant The Only Way Is Up by Yazz is at #1 while Kim Wilde occupies #4 with You Came.

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ST/Amiga Format issue 3 sees a number of fairly unusual games, not quite as out there as issue 2 but still reasonably odd.

Review: Better Dead Than Alien

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Review: Arkanoid 2 – Revenge Of Doh

Arkanoid II – Revenge Of Doh So there is some kind of story, and it’s told in a slightly star wars fashion over some wibbly warbly chip-tune bollocks, but fundamentally it doesn’t matter. This is a breakout clone. A good one, but nevertheless a breakout clone. For what it is it’s solid – the graphics…More

Review: Whirligig

Whirligig (aka Space Cutter aka fucking kill me this game is fucking awful) Review I had a little look into Whirligig at and noted that the game was designed and programmed by Mike Singleton – a name I recognised instantly. He was responsible for Midwinter 1 and 2, two of the greatest 16 bit games ever…More