Zzap64 Challenge Coming In August

So we have plans. Big plans. Right now I have 89 ST Format Challenge game reviews without videos attached that I plan to make videos for. That’s going to take a while, meanwhile we’ve been making videos and blog posts at the other end, and honestly it’s getting a little confusing. So, for now we’re going to pause on new Atari ST blog posts. We will however be updating old ones to new standards and adding video to them.

The other big change is that we’ll be adding the Zzap64 Challenge, covering C64 games. This will begin with a selection of the pre-Zzap games listed in Zzap Issue 1’s Zzap64 top 64 (see below).

I’ve chosen to do this due to spending more time with the C64 recently and concluding that it’s a really insanely good machine, and chose Zzap64 after downloading some issues and enjoying them. The sheer number of reviews is quite something so figuring out which games to cover will no doubt be quite a challenge, though I suspect some of them may lend themselves to shorter videos and articles and allow me to cover more than one game per week, but we’ll see how that works out.

Have a look at the list below and let me know in the comments which games you’d like to see covered.

Video Updates 14/05/2021

Hi all, just giving a quick update on some of what’s going on behind the scenes here at Bitmap Towers. So I’ve been working hard to add video content to the site, and it turns out it’s quite a fun thing to do. If I’m honest I’m not sure it’s where I want it yet but one has to start somewhere and you will hopefully see improvements over time. As it currently stands we’ve added videos added to the following articles. Note that we’re adding videos to most new articles but also going back to add videos to most older reviews as well, a fairly lengthy task given there are over 100 reviews on the site now!

Restructure Completed

So in good news I’ve finally got the month-by-month navigation done along with the per-magazine listings pages, which means navigation should be a lot easier. The new look isn’t the most exciting but it’s readable and it works, no longer doing weird things with article images.

This means I can now crack on with issue 15. I still intend to go back to update reviews to reflect the lag-free FPGA experience but that’ll have to wait as really new content is what keeps traffic coming in. Also I still plan to move away from WordPress long term but this buys me a bit of time so I can keep things ticking over in the meantime. Aiming to make a start on ST Format Issue 15 over the next couple of days.

Content Transplanted – what next?

So, the content has now all been transplanted over from the original source, what now? Well, I intend to get some more reviews done obviously, there’s still a few games to cover in Issue 14 (Monty Python, Last Ninja 2, Kick Off 2, Murder, Harley Davidson) and then it’s on to Issue 15. However, there’s more. I also plan to go back through some of the older posts and make them a bit closer to the house style that became established around ST/Amiga Format Issue 10 (for the magazine issue pages at least).

My other job is to make navigation better. WordPress is horrible, but I needed something quick as the old location is looking a tad fragile, and this is it. However, scrolling through the Reviews And Articles page isn’t exactly fun, so I plan to do something a bit cleverer, probably something where sections are given for each month, with a magazine cover and box covers for each game, all linking to the relevant blog posts. We’ll see what I can muster up on this freebie account.

Hopefully this will work out.