This is where things like longer pieces thinking about the industry, the technology and the people who made everything so awesome can be found. In short, if it’s not news, and not a review, you should find it here.

  • What’s Coming Up?
    So with the review of PowerMonger we’ve more or less got most of the best games from ST Format Issue 19 and so we’ll be moving into the 20s. Now issues 16-18 were pretty large, featuring a hell of a lot of reviews, but it does start to slow down a bit from here, as…More
  • New Release 2021 – Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge STE-Enhanced Version!
    Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge – New Version! So a couple of geniuses/nutters have gone and taken Lotus Esprit and made it better. In fact, it’s now pretty much indistinguishable from the brilliant Amiga version, which is an incredible achievement. Visually it’s an absolute treat, running incredibly smoothly (which is why I’ve gone with a video…More
  • What’s Coming Up (and what isn’t)
    So we’ve got a few more reviews lined up from ST Format issue 18 with Chase HQ 2, Pang and Golden Axe arriving over the next couple of weeks. However, having lingered quite a long time on issue 18 I reckon it might be time to move on, after checking out some of the upcoming…More
  • Why Do We Play Retro Games? Aka What Went Wrong With Modern Games?
    I thought it might be nice to do something a little deeper than just reviews and the historical context pieces around each magazine’s release, as fun as they are. So today I’m writing an article. I wanted to ask the big question – why do we play retro games? May as well start with the…More
  • Amiga Addict Issue 3 Is Out
    So I just want to put out a heads-up that the utterly wonderful Amiga Addict magazine have their third issue out. Post isn’t til March 7th and I presume the digital download will appear around the same time, but you can pre-order at the link below. The first two issues were brilliant, covering the…More
  • Restructure Completed
    So in good news I’ve finally got the month-by-month navigation done along with the per-magazine listings pages, which means navigation should be a lot easier. The new look isn’t the most exciting but it’s readable and it works, no longer doing weird things with article images. This means I can now crack on with issue…More
  • The Early Computer Industry Was Messy…
    Also dug this out when the name Bandersnatch came up in the cv1 article above. Quite an interesting insight into the industry in the early-mid-80s.More
  • The First ST Coverage in C&VG
    So I had a bit of a flick through CVG and thought it might be fun to see some coverage from the dawn of the ST so Iooked around mid-85 to see if there was anything but there was bugger all other than some adverts selling STs (not even from Atari – this is from…More
  • ST Format Final Subscriber’s Letter
    Someone posted this in a Facebook group I’m in – it’s the final subscribers letter with the final issue of ST Format.More
  • Atari ST Power Pack
    So we arrive at December 1989. Before I get to that issue of ST Format however, allow me an indulgance. December 1989, specifically Christmas Day, was when I got my Atari 520STFM. You honestly wouldn’t believe the memories that come flooding back seeing those. I was 9, coming up to 10, and I’d only had…More
  • Hardware: Testing a Speedlink Competition Pro Extra (USB Joystick) with Xenon 2
    So I picked up a gadget to make these reviews a little more authentic. The micro switches on this thing feel superb. They’re a little noisy, just like back in the day, which means they can be annoying for other people in the room, but man they give satisfying feedback. Gave the joystick a go,…More
  • Games I’m Looking Forward To Covering
    Games I’m really looking forward to covering BloodwychBloodwych is a game I never played on the original ST and have still yet to find time for on an emulator, but it’s one that absolutely fascinates me, in part because I loved Dungeon Master and so more of the same is fine by me (hence loving…More
  • So here it is
    So this is my new blog. I didn’t particularly intend to make one but I created a thread on a gaming forum and it was reasonably popular and I thought it might be nice to have a wider audience. I also see signs of implosion there, so a liferaft for content seemed wise.More