What’s Coming Up (and what isn’t)

So we’ve got a few more reviews lined up from ST Format issue 18 with Chase HQ 2, Pang and Golden Axe arriving over the next couple of weeks. However, having lingered quite a long time on issue 18 I reckon it might be time to move on, after checking out some of the upcoming games.

The first game not to make the cut is Nine Lives, from Atari. The visuals are gorgeous, no doubt, but there are some pretty big issues. The scroling is done half-a-screen at a time in a jerking motion, but I could live with that. The bigger issue is that the jumping is terrible. Either a pointless vertical jump or holding the joystick in the down position while the cat tail on the right goes up to try to judge just how much energy to put into a horizontal jump, which can go enormous distances. That might be less of an issue if it were not for the tiny visible area you’re presented with – most of the time you just end up in some spikes. Difficult is fine, but this is just due to poor controls rather than any cleverness of design.

Car-Vup also missed the cut by being a reasonably competent platformer but really doing very little to excite me. The main character is clearly based on the taxi from the Roger Rabbit movie and visually it’s decent enough, reasonably smooth, but it’s not quite got enough in it that I could get a decent article out of it.

Murders In Space looks like it might be interesting but it has an absolute turd of an interface. I do intend to come back to it at some point to see what I’m missing but I’ll probably save it for a run of longer articles about deeper games rather than try to cram it into the current 3/4 day cadence of reviews.

Also missing the cut for now are Omnicron Conspiracy, Lost Patrol, Supremacy and ATF 2. Of those I reckon there’s a good chance I’ll come back for Lost Patrol at some point, but right now I need some fresh blood!

I’ll be looking at issue 19 next – it has a few notable releases among what is a bit of a post-Christmas lull. I love Damocles so I might have a look at Mission Disk 1 if there’s enough in it to be worth doing, and I don’t need asking twice to have a look at Powermonger which is one of my favourites. Ninja Remix might be an opportunity to undo the awfulness of the previous release I reviewed, while Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road might be fun. Prince Of Persia should be known to all of us and I might have a look at Robocop 2 given it topped the chart for ages if I recall. It’s always fun to review truly awful games so I might have a look at Edd The Duck and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. All in all, a slimmer issue will make for an easier time for me!


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