News: Got a MiSTer FPGA Board

So this is just a quick post to say I got myself an FPGA board, which should mean more authentic emulation and thus better review (in theory). Or I’ll still be crap. One of those. I’m just getting it set up right now, having successfully blown up the USB Hub board.

The physical build is reasonably straightforward, but the software setup is not for anyone unprepared to read a lot of guides and watch a lot of youtube videos, and the UI isn’t 100% easy to use and modern. That said, it’s pretty damn awesome when it’s running.

In terms of general site news, I’m putting together a plan for a build to replace this WordPress crap, it just doesn’t do what I want it to do, especially now I’m thinking about longer term plans beyond just doing the ST Format challenge. The UI and templating options on WordPress simply don’t give me what I want, and I’m a demanding mo-fo.

I have in mind a build with a Spring Boot back-end, Angular front end, likely on AWS with RDS taking care of database duties, initially a single container running on ECS with S3 for storage and later breaking it up into microservices if this proves necessary. All good fun stuff. In terms of what you’ll see – I aim to offer navigation by magazine and issue, by game and by month/year, with the games being linked to the magazine issue I cover them in relation to. It should be fun.

I’ll post more once I have this bloody FPGA gadget doing what I want (ST is working but need to get content onto it, get it all configured properly, etc) and then I’ll get the new site build done and extract content to it before setting this place up as a simple redirect. Thanks for reading, if you still are.

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