June 1988

The World in June 1988
In UK news 80000 people attended a concert at Wembley in honour of Nelson Mandela. English fans were arrested in West Germany due to hooliganism while the national team went out at the grou stage, finishing the group bottom. Gay rights activists invaded BBC news during the 6 O’Clock bulletin.

The US news wildfires spread through Yellowstone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released to US cinemas and well honestly there’s not much else of interest.

Elsewhere in the world West Germany hosted Euro 1988 while in Estonia there were 100,000 strong demonstrations – they were still a couple of years away from freedom.

On TV Channel 4 aired ‘A Very British Coup’ – a fictional account of the deep state working against a Labour (left wing for non-brits) government, leading eventually to a military coup.

The UK film charts saw Crocodile Dundee 2 at #1 which I personally enjoyed but I get it’s not universally loved, with Throw Mamma From A Train and Three Men And A Baby among the other highlights. Among films released in America this month, the big hitters are probably Big, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Coming To America.

The album chart seems to have a compilation album called Nite Flite at #1, while Hothouse Flowers are at #2 with People and Fleetwood Mac occupy #3. The dirty dancing sound track occupies 6, while More Dirty Dancing was at 10. I’m not joking. It seems hardcore music fans were not buying albums.

The singles chart is a little light on quality. At #1 there’s Doctorin The Tardis by Timelords (a crap novelty record) while the abysmal Bros occupied #2 with their biggest hit I Owe You Nothing. There is at least the wonderful Aztec Camera song Somewhere In My Heart at #8 making it’s way out of the chart, and Erasure’s Chains Of Love is at #11 making its way up the chart. Oh and there’s Belinda Carlisle’s wonderful Circle In The Sand at 13 heading out of the chart too.

We cover the following magazines released in June 1988

This issue was the first and didn’t have many game reviews but it’s the start of the journey.

Review: Leathernecks And Zarch/Virus

Both of these reviews are from ST/Amiga Format Issue 1 from July 1988 – as such this is a very early set of reviews and I hadn’t yet sorted the format out for all this stuff so the quality is perhaps a little below the rest of the site. However, the videos are new (May…More

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