July 1988

The World in July 1988
In UK news the Piper Alpha oil rig exploded in the North Sea leading to over a hundred deaths. Paul Gascoigne (aka Gazza) was the first £2m footballer, moving from Newcastle Utd to Spurs, a legend of a player beset by so many demons who would eventually try to go fishing with Raoul Moat. Paddy Ashdown was elected leader of the Social and Liberal Democrat Party who would later become just the Liberal Democrat Party – a party who these days are neither liberal nor democratic.

The US shot down an Iranian passenger plane in a dreadful international incident, overshadowing the awarding of the 1994 World Cup to the US. The Democrats nominated Muchael Dukakis as their presidential candidate. It didn’t go well.

Elsewhere in the world the USSR voted to end the Communist Party’s monopoly on economic and non-political power signalling the beginning of the end of communism in Eastern Europe.

On TV The Flying Doctors made its debut on BBC1 – not quite as popular as Neighbours but it still gained a following. Less excitingly, Countryfile made its debut and is still going today. On ITV Wheel Of Fortune made its first appearance, and would last far longer than it really should.

UK film charts aren’t super-reliable but it looks like Police Academy 5: The Joke’s Worn Thin was at #1, pushing Crocodile Dundee 2 to #2 – the rest of the chart is far from memorable. There are actually some awesome US releases – the tentpole hits are Short Circuit 2 and Die Hard, but less well known but also brilliant are Arthur 2 and the Pet Shop Boy’s wonderfully experimental art film It Couldn’t Happen Here which just happens to have the greatest fucking soundtrack known to man, and a dummy talking about existentialism. A true joy to behold.

The album chart has improved with Tracy CHapman at #1 and Kylie Minogue’s debut at #1, and I don’t mind Billy Idol’s greatest hits album at #3, hell Barry White at #5 is alright by me.

The singles chart has Glenn Medeiros at #1 with a shit cheesy ballad. More positively Salt N Pepa were at #2 with Push It and Tracy Chapman at #5 with Fast Car, while Everything But The Girl were at #6 with I Don’t Wanna Talk About It. It’s a bad chart overall though.

We cover the following magazines released in June 1988

ST/Amiga Format issue 2 sees things ramp up with a few interesting reviews.

Review: Corruption

This is a review covering a game from ST/Amiga Format Issue 2 – the August 1988 issue (so actually out in July). Corruption I’ve never played a text adventure. Well, a brief bit of fiddling with Hitchhiker’s Guide, but that’s about it. Indeed my adventure gaming expertise mostly consists of lots of Monkey Island, Leisure…More

Review: Sentinel

This is a review covering a game from ST/Amiga Format Issue 2 – the August 1988 issue (so actually out in July). Sentinel Sentinel is a very strange game. To explain it as simply as I can, you are on a 3D island, and there is a sentinel which if it sees you will drain…More

Review: Captain Blood

This is a review covering a game from ST/Amiga Format Issue 2 – the August 1988 issue (so actually out in July). Captain Blood I’ll start with Captain Blood as I have a little bit of prior experience with it, albeit on an Amiga. Wait, what? But I had an ST, that can’t be right.…More

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