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Monty Python

ST Format Review

My Review

For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.6. I’ve picked Pompey Pirates 56. The Medway Boys intro was a bit dull, and the Automation menu didn’t even bother featuring music. There’s some music on this one, but most important of all is a Monty Python-inspired ramble in the scrolling text. Some dead parrot sketch, some argument sketch, a bit of everything.

We get treated to a sampled “Monty python’s flying circus”, then some cherubs with bugles fly in and we get treated to an abominable chiptune interpretation of the Monty Python theme tune.

A hook animated in quite a Python style opens gumby’s head and bits of brain escape. I presume I must find them.

The hedge keeps following me, getting up on little legs to chase me or withdraw as I go back.

A brief walk and… this. I’m treated to the larch.

A brief animation in which his head is pulled off and attached to a fish and I must now control gumby the fish.

The levels get progressively sillier. The animation is solid with a decent framerate but difficulty is poorly judged and gameplay pedestrian.

Ok, just to remind us we’re playing a Monty Python game.

And here they are, throwing pillows at me. They could at least whip out the comfy sofa.

Finally I get my body back after the mediocre shooter.

And now an argument (with a very brief speech sample)..

Gumby proceeds to eject the sausage and spam collectibles from his mouth into the hole as a voice shouts sausage or spam.

So we’re avoiding random dropping anvils..

So these guys are doing badly animated silly walks…

The Verdict
So I love Monty Python, and it’s cool that ST Format got someone quite silly like Captain Sensible to do the review (and to be fair it’s well-written if missing the gameplay), but the game is just nothing. It’s lazy, it’s just “here’s a thing you remember from Monty Python”. It’s memberberries before South Park made them, but it’s attached to a pretty mediocre game and understands little about its source material. To be clear it’s pretty enough and the art style is cool, they’ve clearly created something which will create good screenshots for reviews, and it’s competently coded with sampled sound, reasonable frame rate, etc, but outside of that it’s just chucked together without real love for gaming even if they likely are fans of Python.

Coming Next: Murder! A murder mystery game which will round out issue 14 as we head into issue 15 with its legendary spine text, it’s ‘king brilliant.

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