The First ST Coverage in C&VG

So I had a bit of a flick through CVG and thought it might be fun to see some coverage from the dawn of the ST so Iooked around mid-85 to see if there was anything but there was bugger all other than some adverts selling STs (not even from Atari – this is from the companies selling all sorts of gear). It’s odd as the mag was certainly covering Atari’s 8-bit offerings. We have to wait til April 86 to get any substantial coverage so I’ve included it here.

No game reviews yet – indeed none of the game adverts even mention ST or Amiga versions, though that should perhaps not be a surprise when the ST on release was about £750 according to Silica’s advert. To be fair, the fastest machines at that point seem to have been running at around 4MHz vs the ST’s 8, and 64k seemed the norm vs 512k. That said, I think I underestimated the 8-bits somewhat, looking at what they were doing. My CPC464 was shit no doubt but the C64 could actually do quite a bit, and the article makes clear just how stark the gap from ST to Amiga really was. The Amiga really was an absolute beast. However, probably the thing that separates them isn’t so much the numbers, 8 bit vs 16 bit or the RAM or how many colours – it’s likely that what actually separated them was the move to a proper WIMP interface. That was the big qualitative leap that came with this generation. However, it does seem that the improvement in games over the years was as much down to changes in the business and improving skill of the programmers – certainly I can see that through the 8-bit years and the 16-bit years are no exception either. The shift from generation to generation is merely a raising of the ceiling rather than an immediate huge jump in existing quality.

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The Amiga has to wait 2 more issues to get a roundup of software.

So this is the first mention of any gaming on the 16 bit systems, in the August 1986 issue.

Later in the same issue there was a supercomputer special. Doing this on my phone so apologies if it’s shit – I’ll reupload if need be

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