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The World in June 1990
In the UK the bans on British beef were lifted after the BSE crisis, while the planned high-speed link between London and the Channel Tunnel was shelved. John Major proposed an alternative to the EU’s proposed single currency, a currency which would circulate alongside existing currencies. In hindsight it would have saved the EU a lot of headaches as it would have left member states freer to fix economic woes. JK Rowling began writing the first Harry Potter book.

In US news Ohio had 88 tornadoes. Why the fuck would anyone want to live anywhere that has that kind of shit going on? Universal Studios opened in Florida.

Elsewhere in the world the World Cup began in Italy. England would go on to the semi finals, their greatest performance since winning the tournament in 1966, and a feat not repeated until 2018. West Germany would win, though before long they would just be Germany.

On TV Art Attack made its debut with Neil Buchanan doing outsized art projects. Not much else went on as most people were busy watching the World Cup.

The film charts had Pretty Woman at #1, and The Witches at #7. The rest isn’t of much interest.

The album chart was poor, with Soul II Soul at #1, Jason Donovan at #2 and a best of album by Talk Talk at #3. Pavarotti got #8 due to the World Cup where Nessun Dorma was the official tune.

The singles chart featured the greatest football song ever, World In Motion by New Order and some England players. The John Barnes rap would become the stuff of legend. At #3 we had Chad Jackson with Hear The Drummer Get Wicked (choooon!) while Elton was at #5 with Sacerifayce. Roxette with it Must Have Been Love and Betty Boo Doin The Doo, plus the Charlatans with The Only One I Know and Wilson Phillips Hold On make for a VERY strong top 10. Hell, even further down the chart you had Snap with Oops Up, Black Box with Everybody Everybody which only got to 16 ffs.

The Magazine
Issue 12 came out in June 1990, and was my third issue, and probably one of my favourites. The theme for this issue was music, and as a result it came with a tape of some music made on an Atari ST, and it was really catchy. See…twilight_dual_layer_dvd/TUNEZ/DEMOS/ST/STF12/ if you want to have a listen. I just found it and my god it tickled my nostalgia bone.

The cover is probably one of the slickest looking covers yet, reflecting perhaps an increase in budget. The coverdisk leads with Starblade which was immensely pretty but shallow, and honestly it was never entirely clear what was going on. Visually it’s an absolute treat, no doubt, but as a kid I couldn’t find any gameplay in there. More fun (with 2 players at least) is a little PD game called Deeplair. You each control a submarine and your objective is to shoot your opponent. Simple.

News is interesting, with rival distributors of Calamus (hugely expensive DTP package) at war – the official importers charging £458 while NNS were importing grey imports for £343 and packaging it with ROM chips to change your TOS version to allow it to run what was presumably the US version. All very shady.

There’s a decent little feature on the general composition of a piece of music, not particularly specific to any one software package, so there’s explanation of basic song structure and what MIDI is and how it works, and so on.

This month we have two pages of previews, with International 3D tennis getting a big feature, a tennis game using vector graphics. It was insanely ugly, but I remember having a good time with it on the Amiga back in the day. Saint Dragon also features, a shooter about which I know little. Prophecy gets a mention (a platformer), while Ocean’s F29 Retaliator gets a screenshot. I never played it, as F-19 Stealth Fighter covered my flight sim needs so well. AMC gets a screenshot, from the makers of Army Moves so it can fuck right off. A Bomber Mission Disk features, as does Battlemaster which still makes no sense. Tetris in a well, Welltris, gets a brief snippet, and we get a first look at Flood from the Bullfrogs (not one of their more celebrated titles).

Games reviewed this month:
Sim City (Violent Golf Game – Infogrames/Maxis – £29.99 – 92% Format Gold)
Dragon’s Lair (Interactive Cartoon – Readysoft – £44.95 – 43%)
F-19 Stealth Fighter (Flight Sim – Microprose – £29.99 – 96% Format Gold)
Projectyle (Future Sports – EA – £24.99 – 86%)
Dynasty Wars (Beat-em-up – US Gold – £19.95 – 68%)
Rotox (Rotating shooter – US Gold – £19.99 – 81%)
Cyberball (Violent future sport set in 2022 – Domark – £19.99 – 80%)
Imperium (Strategy – EA – £24.95 – 87%)
Final Command (Adventure – Ubisoft – £19.99 – 82%)
Ghosts N Goblins (Hack And Slash – Elite – £19.99 – 69%)
Starblade (Space trading adventure – Silmarils – £19.99 – 51%)
Dan Dare 3 (Shooter – Virgin Mastertronic – £19.99 – 63%)
Photon Storm (Jeff Minter Shooter – Atari – £19.99 – 51%)
Bubble+ (Bubble Bobble with extra levels – Infogrames – £19.99 – 38%)
Toyottes (cute platformer – Infogrames – £19.99 – 81%)
Chronoquest 2 (Adventure – Psynosis – £29.99 – 88%)
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists & Everything (Text Adventure – Atlantis – £4.99 – 69%)

Of those, the ones that interest me most are Sim City, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Toyottes, Bubble+ and Projectyle. Obviously nobody needs me to review Sim City but I’d like an excuse to play it again so tough titties – I played it to death as a kid and I still maintain that it’s the best Sim City. F-19 you may be less familiar with, but along with Sim City, Player Manager and Midwinter 2 it was one of the formative games of my childhood where I spent countless hours bombing shit out of the enemy and blowing up migs. Toyottes is one I liked the look of as a kid and the art style still looks really cool judging from the ST Format screenshots so I’m finally going to give it a go. Finally Projectyle always looked fun to me as a kid so I’ll give that a quick look. Sadly I was unable to find Bubble+ anywhere.

For those playing along at home, I’ll be sourcing pirated releases from the TOSEC collection on Here’s a list of releases, likely you’ll also find decent releases at AtariMania.
– Projectyle – Debug 65, SuperGAU 364/495, Superior 73
– Toyottes – Automation 260, Flames Of Finland 5
– Sim City – Automation 292, Fuzion 8, SuperGAU 457/780, Medway Boys 72, Vectronix 631/774
– F19 Stealth Fighter – Automation 424 (patch/fix), Flames Of Finland 34, Pompey Pirates 45/52, Vectronix 318

Reviews This Month

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Review: Sim City

Sim City ST Format Review My Review For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.62. I’ve gone with Medway Boys 72 which features a cool graphic, the usual text bouncing and scrolling and some chip music which for some reason makes me think of Lady Gaga. Sim City isn’t exactly…More

Review: The Toyottes

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Review: Projectyle

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