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For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.62. I’ve gone with Automation 260, primarily because the Flame Of Finland releases tend to be a bit samey. This one isn’t anything special technically but it does give us a glimpse into the future with the angry lesbian who would perhaps be a theybian today.

So we get a rather poorly-drawn (or rather some bits well-drawn, some bits unfinished) loading screen with some chip music, not a hugely inspiring start.

We get dropped into the level with a wonderfully-drawn monster who looks quite a bit like one of the chaps from Monsters Inc – the player sprite is the tiny mouse near the lift with a C above it in the middle of the screen. We have some sampled sound to introduce the level, and off we go.

So it seems he wants an umbrella, some cheese, a present and some other things. I’m not sure what I’ll get in return but he seems friendly so I’ll be nice and help out. Looks like the only way out of the room is through that door, so off I go.

There’s a nice transition effect as we switch rooms and overall animation is crisp, though I do detect some lag.

It seems the levels are 2.5D in that you can go into and out of the screen a little. Scrolling is done in increments, rapidly so you don’t notice the frame rate hit or any jerkiness. It mostly works.

Here I’ve entered a pipe and I’m going to use the pipe system to get some cheese in the next room.

Running into a bat I find myself in a fight, with a cartoon dust cloud.

Exploring a little more I find the game a little shallow.

I eventually die.

So, I must sadly report that the game is disappointing. The graphics are perhaps too small for what they’re trying to achieve (it might have worked at a higher resolution but the ST wasn’t capable) and the gameplay is somewhat lacking with the laggy controls and not much in the way of movement options (no jumping etc). It’s a game that makes for wonderful screenshots which look great in a magazine, but it forgets to do the other thngs well. It’s quirky, it’s very French, and it has some charm, but there just isn’t enough gameplay to make it worth playing.

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