Review: The Games – Summer Edition

The Games – Summer Edition

ST Format Review

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For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. This is from Automation Menu 148 which consists of two disks (A and B). The menu has some fancy music, and a typical scrolling text which is weirdly polite and helpful.

The game itself is somewhat delayed, having missed the Seoul Olympics by about 15 months. We begin with a selection of somewhat racially-stereotyped images of Korea (though some are more Japanese or Chinese frankly) before being treated to a vector 3D flight down to the track from an overhead shot – this took me by surprise. We then arrive at a menu with icons representing the sporting events available to us. An eclectic mix of archery, 2 gymnastics events, cycling, diving, pole vault and hurdles.

I decided to kick off with a bit of archery. I used to be quite good as a kid, let’s see if the skills transfer (they won’t). I actually did OK, hitting the bullseye a couple of times. Controls are fairly standard with you choosing how much power then moving the traditional wobbly cursor to hit the target. The other events were reasonably solid, offering stronger controls than Summer Olympiad for instance. Graphics are well-drawn but the colour palette feels a bit 8-bit. That said, it’s a solid little olympics game and I guess in 2020 it matters a little less that it’s late (indeed it fits with how Japan is having its real olympics late).

I notice in the review they discuss late versions of this and California Games from the same company – I wonder if perhaps they had issues working with the Atari ST. Who knows. Either way it’s a solid enough game if you like this kind of thing, though for me the best olympics game is probably still Winter Olympiad. Note that I wasn’t able to try everything as I had some issues with the crack.

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