Review: Super Wonder Boy In Monster Land

Wonderboy In Monsterland

ST Format Review

My Review
Before starting my review, I must deal with the fact that I can’t hear Wonderboy without thinking of this song.

For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. I’m using Automation 214, this one’s quite a simple one with the chip tune and scrolling text but really not much going on in the main screen.

So that loading screen. It’s really bad. The Master System got a much cooler one. There’s no branding consistency between them. The chip music is nothing special.

In hindsight I made a huge mistake having a look at a youtube video of the Master System version. Compare this…

WonderBoy on Master System

.. with this..

Wonderboy on Atari ST

This is a 1988 Master System game, an 8-bit console, and it looks significantly worse on the 16-bit Atari ST in 1990, and this is when graphics improved RAPIDLY. The Master System has an old 8-bit chip, bugger all RAM, though remarkably it runs at a higher resolution with more colours on screen at once (from a smaller palette).

If I’m honest I don’t think it’s a particularly faithful conversion, and I don’t think it belongs on the ST. Gameplay is rudimentary, far below the level the Atari ST is capable of. It’s reasonably smooth I guess (though considerably less smooth than the master system version and it’s running in a tiny window), but it just has so little going for it, it’s not worth anyone’s time if you can just play the Master System version instead. The only consolation is that the Amiga version is equally shit.

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