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For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. I’m using Automation 225, which gives me a nice bit of chip music and the usual array of scrolly text, in this case with wibbly bars highlighting the text for the application list.

We get an interesting explainer from Vapour explaining why he’s built this loader the way he has, and honestly I’m happy for him to do it any way he likes as he’s done an important job preserving ST software.

So Stormlord is a side-scrolling slash-em-up from Hewson, whose 8-bit roots meant they tended to put out rather simple (though often fantastic) games – they were retro even in their day. We get presented with a rather nice loading image, the art style is properly cool, and the sampled music is cool in a chilled-out way too.

Getting to the game itself, the excellent art continues, and we have a nice pair of tits on the left which I’m sure will have surprised a few parents back in the day. Animation is smooth, the frame rate is pretty solid (probably helped by a flat black background outside of the platform tiles). Scrolling isn’t the smoothest but gets the job done. Music in-game is a chip warble sadly, but it’s servicable.

The game itself is ok, controls are reasonably tight when walking and shooting but the jumping is not quite up to the job for the platforming it asks of you. Death is frequent because difficulty hasn’t really been properly calibrated, as is common with games of this era. In truth this game feels more like a showcase for the artist and programmer rather than a good game in its own right.

Here’s someone else playing it as I do think it’s worth letting you guys listen to the excellent intro music and also see how good the art is in motion.

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