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So this one’s a little bit different. This is a game that came free with ST Format issue 7, made in STOS. It doesn’t seem to have had a commercial release, having come 2nd in a competition. Let’s see if it’s any good. Equipment is the usual 1MB STFM, likely I’ll switch up to the STE for issue 8. Here we have the standard ST desktop with the ST Format coverdisk’s traditional set of folders with Side_2 physically mapped to side B of the disk. I thought I’d get a screengrab just in case it sparked a tiny bit of nostalgia for the lovely green desktop.

The intro screen is surprisingly smoothly animated for a STOS game. Visually it’s not too exciting but at least it’s clean. The chip music is decent enough, tuneful and making use of a few of the different sounds available to the programmer.

This first screen appears with a really neat unroll effect (like a roll of wallpaper unfurling down the screen).

Animation is smooth and sprites are pretty chunky – the scrolling isn’t too bad either (though it’s worth noting that it’s horizontal scrolling that was the ST’s bete noir rather than vertical).

Collisions are generous, but when you collide it makes sense. That said, it’s not entirely clear from playing it what you’re supposed to do. You collect dollar bills, but no score counter is visible, and you crash into things which hurts but there’s no life bar, and there’s no timer. It doesn’t really give you much indication what the goal is.

There is a high score table (no funny name because I didn’t get on it) so presumably it’s scoring you – sadly it doesn’t tell you on what basis which rather negates the point. Overall this is what you might expect from a competition winner. Solid execution but a lack of experience at finishing games with all the fiddly extras you might expect.

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