Review: Rick Dangerous / Rick Dick

Rick Dangerous

ST Format Review
There isn’t one. Bastards.

My Review

For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STFM on TOS 1.0, using Automation disk 120.

I’ll begin the review with a little story in images, as I think that best tells the tale of this game.

If you don’t already know, Rick Dangerous is fucking hard. Like bastard hard. Dark Souls hard. I did get further than those screenshots by the way but it was funnier that way. Its flip-screen nature means that you don’t always know what you’re leaping into, which means that its levels become a test of memory as much as reflexes and skill. The game itself is simple enough, in that you wander around like Indiana Jones, in what appears to be an ancient tomb. Enemies tend to patrol fixed paths and you use that knowledge to kill them either with a bullet or some dynamite. The trick is not to waste too much of either, and to make sure you use the correct resource in each case.

The smaller sprite compared to Verminator allows a better connection with the flow of the level, though the sprites still manage to be nicely detailed. Rick moves at quite a decent pace through the levels, which helps to disguise the limited frames of animation. This game is not exactly a technical achievement, instead it’s more a refinement of existing formulae but one that’s done really well. Perhaps on that basis it was too boring to be reviewed in ST Format but it became something of a cult hit, and thankfully they rectified their mistake by giving Rick Dangerous 2 86% in issue 15, and yes I would quite like to cover that too (though it’s up against stiff competition that month with Cadaver, Leisure Suit Larry 3 and Operation Stealth).

Sound consists of awful chip music mostly, crappy chip noises for jumping, that kind of thing, but there’s a nice scream sample when you die. For the most part though sound doesn’t matter too much in this game.

Overall this may not be the most technically exciting game, nor the most glamorous, but it does what it needs to do and does it well. It’s a cracking little game and for that reason I award it the Hari Seldon Gold.

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