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Resolution 101

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For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.62 – I’m not on my usual PC and for some reason the version of Steem on this one won’t let me have a maximised window without going full screen, so screenshot sizes may vary. On this occasion I’ve chosen the Medway Boys release (Disk 74). I enjoy their releases as they usually have cool artwork, they may not be technically that exciting but I like the art style. In this case they’ve managed to cram 5 games on one floppy which is also quite impressive.

So, Resolution 101. It’s a game in which you hunt down criminals, and there’s some guff in the story about a resolution that lets you exit your sentence by killing crooks or something of that nature. It is what it is. Before carrying on into the game however I want to note how ST Format played a version that didn’t yet have sound. It was not complete. It tells you that little has changed in the world of game reviews. By the way the sound is shite, the chip music is dire.

The loading screen is ok, and the start screen is nicely drawn too. Into the game.

So the graphics are a mix of sprites and fairly simplistic 3D. It animates pretty rapidly, STF weren’t kidding when they called it fast though I’d hesitate to call it the fastest.

The game is pretty simplistic in that basically you just go shooting people and collecting what they drop. It’s really not too exciting in truth. I rather preferred the developers earlier work Archipelagos.

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