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Power Drift

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For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. The crack disk of choice today was Automation 311. Not a bad cracktro – a possibly-digitised image of a young lady in her underwear as text flies around, plus the usual scrolly text at the bottom border and a graphic equaliser at the top. For the life of me I’ll never figure out how the cracking groups managed to use the ST’s borders as they do. When you go to run Power Drift it bemoans Craptivision’s crappy loader and invites you to a slide show. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be great.

So I get into the game and this is quite clearly using code from Super Hang-On, the screens are pretty damn similar. I guess that means I’m in for a treat, fast racing action.

And then the game loads. Fuck me they weren’t kidding about a slide show. The car is massive on the screen, as are the roadside sprites, and this must be contributing to slowdown, alongside a road which is stippled instead of using the colour stripes (the stripes are easier as you just cycle the palette as you go which is cheaper than moving chunks of graphics around). As a bonus, the road swings wildly with massive boulder columns in the way so you can’t even see where you’re going (meanwhile the z-order of sprites is all over the fucking shop), leading to a game which can only be described as utter shit.

I would love to know what crack ST Format were on to give this 83% – it’s like they judged it solely from the screenshots, or perhaps they played the Amiga version which was still shit but a hell of a lot smoother. A game with such a poor rolling road (to the extent that it even had gaps between the road sprites at various points) has no right to 83%.

Here’s someone with considerably more patience than me playing it.

The crack intro is the only redeeming feature of this game.

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