Review: Ninja Warriors

Ninja Warriors

ST Format Review

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For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. The crack disk of choice today was going to be Automation 319 which comes on 3 disks. The intro was a suitably jolly chip tune with a real emphasis on wibbly scrolling text. I can’t fucking read most of it. The game however did not load properly, so I decided to try SuperGAU 287-9. That also didn’t work. Finally Pompey Pirates, which actually fucking works. No cracktro but that’s fine.

So what is Ninja Warriors? Well, first up, it’s not this..

.. so get that out of your head right away. The game recognises the extra RAM and takes its time loading but eventually gets there.

It’s another side scrolling slash em up, probably the closest comparison I can make is Shinobi. Animation is wonderfully fluid, though graphics aren’t particularly attractive, something about the art style just doesn’t do it for me. Gameplay isn’t hugely interesting either. It’s ok, it’s technically very competent, it’s just not exciting.

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