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Navy Moves

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The kit for this was latest version of Steem SSE, selecting a 1MB STFM with TOS 1.00 (the release which ran in all of the gaming machines until the STE came out later in 1989). My first attempt used Automation’s menu 180. Other releases are available, such as that found in the TOSEC collection.

After choosing Navy Moves 1 or 2 (I didn’t realise there was a sequel – I chose 1) I get a decent title screen.

Now before continuing I want to show you the absolute horror that is Army Moves.

One of the worst games ever created

The game is an absolute fucking turd. Not one redeeming feature. Shit music, shit graphics, shit difficulty. Anyway, on to Navy Moves.

So the first challenge is to take this boat past some mines. The boat jumps by pushing up on the joystick. Timing is critical. When I say critical I mean impossible.

The boat makes an annoying droning sound which will make you want to kill yourself. Each time you fail you go right back to the start. Graphics run reasonably for an Atari ST game though they are somewhat muddy and indistinct, the game is a fucking abomination.

Here’s a Youtube video of someone else playing it. This game is VERY VERY bad. ST Format gave it 69%. Games journalists were shit even back then.

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