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Hard Drivin

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For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. The crack disk of choice today was Automation 188. The intro has a pretty decent chiptune accompanying a weird monster, and scrolly text with a graphic equaliser overlaid. It’s not a bad intro, perhaps not anything special technically but it looks cool.

Hard Drivin is a coin op conversion, a 3D filled-vector racing game with two tracks, one for speed and one for stunts. It opens with a typical loading screen with chip music. It’s not a bad image with some decent use of dithering, but nothing special. In a sign of the future of gaming it then shows you the tracks you have while teasing new tracks being available for purchase later just so you feel like you’ve not bought the whole thing. It feels shady.

Controls are certainly unique – you move your mouse left and right to steer, clicking your left button to accelerate, your right to decelerate and both buttons to brake. Controlling the car is basically an absolute nightmare – the car doesn’t exactly do what you tell it to do, randomly making a noise which I think means it’s gone off road despite not going off road. This triggers an auto-correct mechanism which then sends you off to the other edge of the track. Honestly I have no idea how anyone managed to control this thing back in the day.

Quite honestly an absolute turd.

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