Review: Ghouls N Ghosts

Ghouls and Ghosts

ST Format Review

My Review
For this review I’m running Steem with my usual 1MB STFM. I’m using Automation 199, another basic one with a simple image, scrolling text and chip tune. Not their most exciting work.

So Ghouls and Ghosts is regarded as something of a classic overall, but what of the ST version? Is it any good? Time to find out.

So first up, it’s not as smooth as some versions, but it’s perfectly serviceable and the graphics aren’t too bad. Scrolling is a little jerky but it’s fine other than that. Music is your standard chip tune fare, with nothing much to stand out.

Controls are reasonably solid with little lag, and in contrast to some of the similar games I’ve reviewed this month, enemy arrangements make some degree of sense and beating them is about skill rather than button-bashing as 15 enemies in a big blob amble towards you.

I may not be particularly good at it, and it’s not necessarily my thing, but it is clearly a good game, well-designed, I love how your chap starts with armour and ends up in his pants and it’s a game with enormous charm, overall I’d say Ghouls and Ghosts is so far second only to Jumping Jackson for this issue’s releases. By the way, at one point I turned into a duck. Can anyone tell me what the buggering hell that was about? Onwards, to Batman.

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