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Blood Money

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So, my final game for issue 2 – Blood Money. I couldn’t find an Automation menu for this one so had to use a Superior cracked version instead. This is all running on my trusty Steem 1MB STE. Two other versions didn’t work – it seems to be a hard game to get running.

The game begins with some fancy sampled sounds as it flips through some screens before reacing a menu to choose music, 1/2 player, etc while playing some decent chip music.

The game starts – and well it’s a bit of a yawn. Animation is reasonably smooth though the scrolling is achingly slow, lots of things move around the screen and you do what you can to avoid them (I picked the helicopter) and shoot back at some of them – I’m picking up some Defender vibes from some of what’s going on. The trouble is it’s all a bit so-what, and the action doesn’t feel very connected. You fire bullets and things take a few bullets to explode but it never really feels like anything is connecting, there’s no feeling of kinetic energy – a product both of the lack of visual response and the lack of any audio register of a hit.

In a way this is a game that carries some of the hallmarks of a psygnosis game in that it’s well-presented but seems to lack substance. That DMA design would later go on to create Lemmings and GTA is a bit of a surprise when you see how poor this game is, but I guess everyone starts somewhere and perhaps they needed to learn their craft with something less ambitious first.

In the end, this game isn’t interesting enough for me to put the effort into a full review as honestly I’d struggle to find enough interesting to say to justify it. It may well get more interesting later but I’ve got a lot of ST games to get through and maybe I burned myself out a bit on Issue 2!

Onwards, issue 3 awaits!

PS here’s the Amiga version – it’s quite a bit better visually and the audio makes a big difference.

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