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Beverly Hills Cop

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For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STFM, running TOS 1.04. There are a couple of scene releases, one from Fuzion and one from Automation, I’ve gone with Fuzion here as I’ve not featured them before. This one has a really good bit of chip music, genuinely well-composed. The visuals are standard demoscene fare, lots of wibbly text and scrolling text, as well as a very basic graphic equaliser. These guys haven’t mastered using the overscan area, maybe they did better in a later release.

ST Format rather savaged this game, lamenting Eddie Murphy looking like he had anorexia and the chip tunes used for music. They rightly point out that the movies are mostly a vehicle for Eddie Murphy doing what Eddie Murphy does, and one has to question how that will translate into a game which can never have his manic energy, or at least not in this stage in the development of games. 49% is not a good review score.

It doesn’t start auspiciously, with a chip tune warbling interpretation of Axel F. The badly digitised shot of Eddie Murphy looks like it has a lot fewer than 16 colours.

Oh boy. They weren’t kidding about anorexia. The screenshots in the review really don’t do justice to the mincing anorexic on my screen. On a positive note, animation is smooth, scrolling is pretty good, but the characters are poorly drawn. Start to crate is 0s. Literally a fuckload of the bastards, straight away.

I should explain, for those who don’t want to read the STF review, that the game is basically 4 games representing sections of the movie (which was pretty old at this point). Imaginatively the first section is a mince-and-gun. Enemies spawn from nowhere and are easily taken out with a single bullet from your gun which has infinite ammo. It seems walking into some grey boxes on the floor kills you, as they are apparently explosives. Slowly but surely the explosives and bullets take their toll. It’s not super-challenging, but it is monotonous. Endless crates and guys in blue uniforms. It’s so bad I can’t even be arsed to get to the car bit (which involves the flinging of crates apparently).

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