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Back To The Future 2

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For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.6. I’ve gone with Medway boys 84, in part because I don’t want to always use Automation. It’s not a very exciting menu – the word Medway Boys floats around, there’s some scrolly text and there’s an awful chiptune rendition of Axel F. However, for all its faults, it has Mad Professor Mariarti on it, which is awesome. Still, Back To The Future and Axel F, the most 80s thing ever.

The crackers kindly inform me that I need 1MB and that the end screen is shit. Well, that’s good.

We get the imageworks logo, the film logo and then a poorly-animated attempt at the intro because where we’re going we don’t need roads. Accompanying this is a limp rendition of the theme tune using the ST’s wonderful sound chip.

“Marty, you have got to come back with me” “Where?” “Back to the future”

And into the game. So I’ve got to skate along, pressing fire makes Marty clap. Or punch I guess, it’s not immediately clear. It’s also not always in time with me pressing the button.

Oh good, my first death.

So I have letters to pick up, I guess, no idea why. Picking up Pepsi bottles gets you time it seems. Not product placement, honest. The taxi looks cool in motion, and the frame rate isn’t the worst. Music is standard chip tune bollocks. Hitting a car is death.

I punched a girl. I feel bad about it. Locations from the film show up in the backgrounds which is nice – clearly they had actually watched the movie, which is more than can be said of some film licenses. Biff is wandering around with his cane and various wankers on hover boards harass you. However, it’s just a bit crap isn’t it. Why do I do this to myself? Oh by the way I switched to my desktop. It has a working o key, absolute luxury. My laptop will shortly find itself flying.

The difficulty is pretty bad, but I’m not convinced it’s because the game is hard, more that the controls are so unresponsive. I’m going to use the trainer just to get a bit of an idea of what awaits me later on.

Half way through the level we switch to going up the screen. Yay. Oh and that’s the Doc. (this turns out NOT to be half way through the level – not even close)

There’s a police car, oblivious to the violence. Curiously direct hits don’t always do any damage to the person you’re fighting.

Oh for fuck’s sake I’ve already been past this fucking thing the other way at the bottom of that fucking road. As the level goes on it becomes increasingly clear there’s a LOT of recycling going on. By the way, going up the screen, cars come up from the bottom so if you’re at the bottom (because you want to give yourself time to avoid things coming at you from the top) you’ll get hit by cars.

It goes on for-fucking-ever. I eventually lose the will to live. Film licenses suck. Apart from Westwood’s Bladerunner. But every other fucking film license sucks balls. This one feels like it’s about 2 years out of date vs other games of the time. A disappointing effort.

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