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For this review I’m running Steem with a 1MB STE, running TOS 1.6. There’s not a proper menu disk with it on but there’s an Atari Legend crack so we’ll see if it works. This one gives us a chiptune but not much else, just some chiptune music and some text, with a little scroller at the bottom.

So Antago is a board game of sorts, and to help figure out the rules I’ve included a link to the manual (see below). The objective is to get 5 in a row, horizontally, diagonally or vertically (so basically connect 4). It’s a tiny bit different to connect 4 however. Where Connect 4 requires you to drop the token from one side, Antago lets you insert the token from any side, which pushes other tokens in the row/column along. This isn’t possible however if the last inserted token of your opponent is among them. By the way I’m doing this review with an intermittenlty broken o key on my laptop. That is officially unhelpful.

So, we get an intro with some sampled music, not anything terribly exciting but it’s solid enough, and a background with some palette cycling to animate the lightning around the outside. The loading is quite long and slow.

We get a menu where we can choose to play single player or two player, set the computer level, etc. Really not loving all these os.

This is the setup. In this case I’m the devil, and the CPU is the angel, but it can be the other way round. Either way, the key thing is it’s devil vs angel, and they’re absolutely charming. When the devil wants to get past the angel he shoves the angel out the way. It’s the little things.

A win for the horny little devil. AI is not the sharpest.

In the end it’s wonderfully charming but perhaps lacking in depth – my tactic was quite simple in just pushing along one line – the angel briefly tried to interject by placing a counter in my path but I was able to dislodge it by pushing it off in a later turn. I was more or less unopposed on my line – I didn’t try to stop my opponent as I didn’t need to – he interrupted his own progress by trying to interrupt mine.

My gut feeling is that the ruleset suffers from some similar problems to tic tac toe, in that there’s no room for sophistication in tactics, meaning that one can’t really have a meaningful game.

Note that I spent half this review trying and failing to fix my laptop key. Copy/paste was necessary to get o working.


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