Power Pack Disk L – Starray and Star Goose

Disk L
Star Ray

Star Ray opens with a lovely loading screen and some reasonable chip music. It doesn’t mess about – pressing fire takes you straight into the game.

The game itself is a Defender clone, albeit one that is ludicrously smooth with insane parallax scrolling. Sound isn’t bad and it’s reasonably solid as a game, but for whatever reason this never grabbed me. Shooters generally didn’t, they didn’t seem to me to have much depth (albeit I appreciate more the layers that can exist in a shooter these days). It’s ok, nothing special.

Star Goose – Review

Star goose is a pretty-looking game, a vertical shooter, one with a manual with an interesting sense of humour which you totally miss in the Power Pack version. It wasn’t one of my most-played games, but it wasn’t bad for what it was.

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