Power Pack Disk J: Double Dragon

Disk J
Double Dragon

I spent so much time on this as a kid, and it’s one of the earliest games I remember beating, facing the gun-toting giant at the end. It opens with that wonderful sampled music over a loading screen which isn’t much technically but created so much atmosphere. And then the game starts, and dear god it’s ugly. And the animation is shit (2 frames to kick, 3 to walk, 1 to jump). But I don’t care. I remember all the controls, and I can still have a blast with it. No, it’s not as good as Streets Of Rage but who gives a shit? It’s still fun.

I still love the sampled death noise. I still love the hilarious massive guys. I still enjoy the whip girls. I still think this game rocks for all that the conversion is utter shite. I still get annoyed that the weapons are useless up close. I still get annoyed that you can’t throw enemies into each other. On the other hand I can throw barrels into people and the headbutt is present (it’s mysteriously absent in DD2). Most importantly, in 2-player you can beat the shit out of each other.

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