Power Pack Disk H: Predator

Disk H

Confession time – I’ve never seen the film. Perhaps I might have enjoyed the game more if I had? Who knows. The intro is cool, with a nicely digitised shot of Arnie and then an animated UFO flying around the Earth and some scrolly text, with a suitably funky 80s chiptune which doesn’t sound like it was in the film (I’m sure someone will correct me).

Predator is not a complex game. You run (slowly, through treacle), you shoot, you die. Sometimes you can throw grenades, though you have to use the keyboard (an awkward illustration of why the single-button was a mistake). The graphics look like they belong on a C64 and the game runs at a bare 2 frames per second. Like much of the world in 2020, Arnie can get fucked up by bats. Something tells me that’s not in the original film. To the game’s credit, collision detection is solid (if generous to the player) and there’s a clear link between action performed and result, which places it ahead of Afterburner.

For the most part the game is fairly easy, with the exception of the predator being able to one-shot you. Overall, it’s not quite as bad as I remember but I won’t be rushing to play it again.

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