Power Pack Disk G: Eliminator, Nebulus and Pac-Mania

Disk G

Eliminator isn’t a bad game necessarily, but when I reached for disk G I was only after one thing, and that was Nebulus. Sometimes Pac Mania as that was brilliant too, but mostly Nebulus. The loading screen is rather ugly, though it looks somewhat better if you apply a CRT filter.

The game itself isn’t bad, visually. It has some issues in that it’s hard to figure out what’s a collectable and what’s an enemy, and it’s hard to know what can be shot and destroyed and what is indestructible. Additionally, collision detection is decidedly dodgy. In the end, it’s quite easy to see why I didn’t play this one.

Nebulus (Link To Review)

I’ve already reviewed this one but I just want to say that this game is an absolute classic. Bastard hard, but a classic that holds up today. This game caused endless foul language from me as a child (hey I was sweary – I had a school report stating that my language was worse than a building site), but damn it was fun.


Pac-mania is a glorious recreation of Pac-man in an isometric style. Visually it’s an absolute treat. Sadly it only uses about 60% of the screen while the Amiga version uses the whole screen, probably a product of the ST’s more limited capabilities, but it’s still a brilliant game. If I were to find fault, such a close up view does present the problem of not being able to see enough of the overall maze and thus it being easier for ghosts to sneak up on you. That said, the isometric view isn’t just for decoration as it allows you to jump over the ghosts, which can be handy when the fast orange ghost is chasing you.

The loading screen is a gorgeous bit of pixel art, and that quality carries through the entire game. Music is decent, a reasonably tuneful chip ditty. In-game the limitations of the ST’s palette become somewhat clear, but it still looks excellent and scrolls at a decent pace.

See if you can spot my entries on the high score table.

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