Hardware: Testing a Speedlink Competition Pro Extra (USB Joystick) with Xenon 2

So I picked up a gadget to make these reviews a little more authentic.

The micro switches on this thing feel superb. They’re a little noisy, just like back in the day, which means they can be annoying for other people in the room, but man they give satisfying feedback.

Gave the joystick a go, decided to use the trainer for shits and giggles and took some shots in Xenon 2.. the variety of enemies is impressive and the amount of stuff it flings around the screen is extraordinary. There is some slowdown when there’s a lot going on but all in all it’s impressive stuff.

The joystick itself is excellent, the auto fire is very handy and it feels robust. A bit small possibly but maybe my hands are just bigger than when I last had a joystick.

One of my little oddities is that I never really got the hang of having a stick on the left (or D-pad) and buttons on the right. This caused me no end of issues with the console controllers so joysticks were always better for me. Curiously, modern controllers like the. Xbox controller and the Switch Pro Controller pose no such issues.

Weirdly it was Kick off where the joystick really shone. I was utterly terrible with an Xbox controller but plugged in that joystick and kicked some ass.

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