Content Transplanted – what next?

So, the content has now all been transplanted over from the original source, what now? Well, I intend to get some more reviews done obviously, there’s still a few games to cover in Issue 14 (Monty Python, Last Ninja 2, Kick Off 2, Murder, Harley Davidson) and then it’s on to Issue 15. However, there’s more. I also plan to go back through some of the older posts and make them a bit closer to the house style that became established around ST/Amiga Format Issue 10 (for the magazine issue pages at least).

My other job is to make navigation better. WordPress is horrible, but I needed something quick as the old location is looking a tad fragile, and this is it. However, scrolling through the Reviews And Articles page isn’t exactly fun, so I plan to do something a bit cleverer, probably something where sections are given for each month, with a magazine cover and box covers for each game, all linking to the relevant blog posts. We’ll see what I can muster up on this freebie account.

Hopefully this will work out.

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