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Wait.. what about Carrier Command?
To be honest I just couldn’t get anything interesting out of it, struggling to find the motivation for it and honestly what I was writing was just utter shit. Better to leave it to someone else than do a shit job of it.

The World in October 1988

Musically it was a mixed month. Erasure had A Little Respect, Kim Wilde didn’t trust strangers and Womack And Womack were still in the top 10 but the rest of the top 10 singles were awful. In the albums the Pet Shop Boys released one of their weaker 80s efforts, Kylie clung on, and the rest was absolute dirge. Films were better, Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams at his best, Buster (not cool to admit liking it but I do so tough titties), and the wonderful Beetlejuice still clinging on.

This month’s previews were a mixed bag. You had some things I’ve never heard of like Lords Of The Rising Sun, Pioneer Plague and Dragon Slayer, then you have Rocket Ranger which I only know of by name. Finally we have Afterburner and Pacmania which both came with my ST and were reasonably solid (I’d rate Pacmania above Afterburner), Falcon which I’ve played a little of later versions on PC, and a preview for the wonderful Damocles which would eventually appear in August 1990 – one of the greatest games ever made and you can see a bit more about it at but rest assured I’ll be giving it a full write-up because it’s a game I adore.

Without a teaser on the missed games (just a moan at the Royal Mail being shite, which in the 80s they really were as competition wasn’t a thing), we find ourselves with 10 games reviewed:

– Menace (Shooter – Psygnosis – £24.95 – 90% Format Gold) – distinctly 8-bit looking with limited colours. Big sprites but not very smooth, doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the genre.
– Fusion (Shooter – Bullfrog/EA – £24.95 – 82%) – Bullfrog hadn’t yet hit their creative stride – this slow jerky shooter bears a passing resemblance to Xenon 1 (which isn’t a compliment) but without the smoothness.
– POW (Operation Wolf clone – US Action – £29.95 – 84%) – Claims ST version imminent but I’ve not been able to find any sign of it on the internet so assuming Amiga-only. From Youtube the shooting looks somewhat better than Summer Olympiad!
– Powerplay (Pub Quiz Game – Arcana – £19.95 – 55%) – Christ they must have been desperate to review this shit.
– Luxor (Run and Gun – Paradox – £14.95 – 60%) – Play Turrican instead
– Stargoose (Shooter – Logotron – £19.95 – 68%) – Came with my ST – it’s ok.
– Elite (You fucking know what Elite is – Firebird – £24.95 – 75%)
– Veteran (Another Operation Wolf Clone – Software Horizons – £14.95 – 60%)
– Operation Neptune (Underwater shoot-em-up – Infogrames – £24.95 – 70%)
– Super Hang-On (Bike racer arcade conversion – Electric Dreams – £19.99 – 65%) – criminally underrated
– Netherworld (Shooter – Hewson – £19.95 – 64% [60% for ST version as it’s shit])

Slim pickings this month but I think I’ll probably review Stargoose and Super Hang-On because I know them well, and Elite because I never got to play Elite 2 on the ST and only played Elite Dangerous on the PC (which was shite).

Reviews For October 1988

Review: Elite

Elite Elite is a game that most people will already know about, a space trading/combat game set in a miniature recreation of the universe. This version crams 8000 planets in 8 galaxies into 512k of RAM – a feat that I can only assume involves some use of procedural generation. Elite 2 would go further…More

Review: Super Hang-On

Super Hang-On Super Hang-On is another game that came with my Atari ST in the Power Pack. (yeah I’m using a pirated version) ST Format ReviewBefore I start my review, here’e ST Format’s take on the game. My ReviewThe power pack came with Super Hang-On and Outrun. Outrun had the glamour, the Ferrari, the multiple…More

Review: Star Goose

Star Goose Star Goose came with my Atari ST in the Power Pack, one of a huge selection of games. While not as big a personal hit as Nebulus, I did enjoy it at the time and it’s good to revisit and see how it’s aged. ST Format ReviewBefore I start my review, here’e ST…More

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