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The World in June 1989
In some ways June 1989 was the beginning of the end of Thatcher’s government as Labour won its first national election in 15 years (winning most of the votes in the European elections). In China the Tianemen Square protests reached their finale, with the military set against civilians in a fight the civilians could never win. Tank Man would prove himself a legend.

News is otherwise quiet though China’s news is seismic enough all on its own.

The film charts feature Road House at #1, Beaches at #3, Childs Play at #4, the rest of the chart is fairly mediocre.

The album chart is fairly weak, with Jason Donavan still at #1, Queen at #5 with one of their weaker albums, really it’s hard to find anything to recommend.

The singles chart has Jason Donovan at #1 (Neighbours really was a hit factory in combination with Stock, Aitken and Waterman). The standout tracks are Soul II Soul’s Back To Life and Guns And Roses Sweet Child Of Mine, and maybe Manchild by Neneh Cherry. Acid House continues its ascendency with D-Mob at #11 with It Is Time To Get Funky.

On TV John Craven presented his last ever Newsround, but otherwise not much happened.

The Magazine
This is the final issue of ST/Amiga Format before we depart for the new and improved ST Format. We’re getting closer to games I actually know! There’s an article asking if paperless offices will ever be a thing – in lockdown I think we’ve discovered that yes they will. The theme for this month’s magazine is piracy, and they actually manage to make the connection to the demo scene but in later issues they seem to forget all about it while becoming increasingly angry about piracy.

On the cover disk, the ST gets Spherical and Amiga owners get Wicked.

Previews have become a bit more substantial, with Hewson’s Astaroth featuring, plus Navy Moves (sequel to the excerable Army Moves – surely it can’t be as bad as that can it?), Sleeping Gods Lie and High Steel. Wow the quality bar is low. With so few previews it seems there’s not much out there. Perhaps this is a product of the magazine coming to an end and everyone preparing for the two new magazines.

Games reviewed this month:
Total Eclipse (Freescape 3D Adventure/Puzzle – Microstatus – £24.99 – 78%)
Forgotten Worlds (Turrican-ish – US Gold – £19.99 – 86% Format Gold)
3D Pool (Tennis – Firebird – £19.99 – 71%)
Pirates (Strategy – Microprose – £24.99 – 74%)
RVF (Motorbike Racing – Microstyle – £19.99 – 68%)
Weird Dreams (Side-scrolling beat-em-up/minigames – Rainbird – £24.99 – 81% Format Gold)
Savage (Space Harrier/Turrican-ish – Rainbird – £24.99 – 61%)
Demon’s Winter (RPG – US Gold – £24.99 – 68%)
Wicked (No fucking idea – Activision – £19.99 – 80%)
Grand Monster Slam (Weird Sports Game – Rainbow Arts – £19.99 – 54%)

Of those I’d say Weird Dreams is the main game of interest. I might have a look at Total Eclipse but I’m not doing too much Freescape until we hit Castle Master which really is the apex of that series of games.

This Month’s Reviews

Review: Weird Dreams

Weird Dreams ST Amiga Format Review My Review Weird Dreams begins with a fairly decent intro by 1989 standards, though sound is limited to chip warblings, and then we find ourselves in a room with pink things wandering around and a dangly pink dildo moving around that will kill you if it hits you (in…More

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