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The World in May 1989
In the UK, Margaret Thatcher hit the 10 year milestone as Prime Minister, she would not be in the job for much longer. A divisive but hugely important figure in British politics, she reshaped the nation and battled the unions to restore order to British society and modernised a country that had previously been the sick man of Europe. Among the left however she was mostly known as the milk snatcher, due to taking away free school milk.

In football Liverpool beat Everton in the FA Cup final while Arsenal won the first division (which is now known as the Premier League) – they beat Liverpool courtesy of a goal in the last minute of the last game [–2_Arsenal_(26_May_1989)].

In the US, Disney World opened its doors for the first time, Oliver North was found guilty of criminal charges in the Iran Contra affair, and the Magellan probe was launched towards Venus. Elsewhere, the first McDonalds in the USSR began construction in Moscow, and in China the Tianemen Square protests continued with a crackdown from the Chinese government.

The film charts are truly awful – to the point I’m going to skip it entirely. Click if you dare.

The album chart is a mixed bag with Jason Donovan at #1, the brilliant Simple Minds at #2 (though not with one of their better albums), the god-awful Clannad at #8, actually the charts are horrible. Please let the singles chart be better…

The singles chart has the wonderful Kylie Minogue at #1, something I’m ok with as she’s the sexiest woman alive. Queen are at #3 with one of their weaker tracks while London Boys sit at #4 with a brilliant song you’ve probably never heard…

.. and we see Holly Johnson and Transvision Vamp rounding out the top 10. Acid House starts to make an impact on the charts with The Beatmasters and Who’s In The House at #11.

Not much happened in the world of TV – May was a bit of a dull month in many respects.

The Magazine
This issue is a blatant attempt to sell the magazine with sex. What it actually pertains to is whether games like Leisure Suit Larry and the many crappy strip poker games should be available to under 18s. For the former, I say why not. For the latter – I reckon they’d be better off paying a tramp to buy them a copy of Playboy. Pages 61-67 cover the topic, and quite a few pages have tits on them, out uncensored. I’m not sure that was allowed back then without being on the top shelf so I can only imagine someone got a slap on the wrists.

On the cover disk we have the excellent Colossus Chess X for the Amiga while the Atari ST gets Flair Paint (both demos).

The previews section sees Microprose Soccer, created by the team which would go on to be Sensible Software, creators of the legendary Sensible Soccer. We see another Freescape game previewed in the form of Total Eclipse. Finally we have a rundown on things coming from Mirrorsoft – Highlights are Xenon 2 from the legendary Bitmap Brothers and the less legendary 3D weird thing Interphase which would eventually be given away free on an ST Format cover disk.

Missing the cut this month.. no idea because that section is missing. Looking at the reviews that made the cut perhaps they didn’t have many choices.

Games reviewed this month:
Time Scanner (Pinball – Activision – £24.95 Amiga/£19.95 ST – 67%)
Lords Of The Rising Sun (Minigames – Cinemaware – £24.95 – 84%)
BattleHawks (WW2 Flight Sim – US Gold – £24.99 – 73%)
Vindicators (Shooter – Domark – £19.99 – 71%)
Millenium 2.2 (Strategy – Activision – £24.99 – 86%)
Typhoon Thompson (No Fucking Idea – Domark – £19.99 – 86%)
Voyager (3D shooty thing – Ocean – £19.99 – 76%)
Thunderbirds (Platform shooter – Grandslam – £24.95 – 77%)
Squeek (Puzzle – Loriciel – £19.95 – 52%)
Bio Challenge (Turrican-ish – Palace – £19.99 – 86%)
Darkside (Freescape – Domark – £24.95 – 87%)

Of those, really only Battlehawks is worth reviewing. I played it a fair bit when I was younger and had a real blast with it, so I’ll be pretty happy to have a bit more time with it.

Reviews This Month

Review: Battlehawks 1942

Battlehawks 1942 ST Amiga Format Review My Review As a kid I absolutely loved Battlehawks. It came in a beautifully designed box with a ring-bound manual (see link above) that was a really fascinating read, weighing in at 144 pages. Controls aren’t too complicated with mouse or joystick steering your plane and fire/left-click firing your…More

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