So here it is

I loved the 16-bit era, and now it’s time to share some of that love with other people

So this is my new blog. I didn’t particularly intend to make one but I created a thread on a gaming forum and it was reasonably popular and I thought it might be nice to have a wider audience. I also see signs of implosion there, so a liferaft for content seemed wise.

There’s a lot of content to grab, and no doubt it’ll take a while to get it all here, but I’ll do my best and hopefully we’ll have it here in good time.

I enjoy writing, I wouldn’t say I’m exceptionally good at it, but I guess I can string a sentence together and some people enjoy reading it. I like to review good games of course but there’s just as much fun to be had with reviewing really bad ones, expressing the soul-crushing horror of playing something truly dreadful.

Hopefully this will be a bit of fun, a bit of lightness in what are undoubtedly rather dark times for all of us, and hopefully some people reading this will join in and have some fun along with me.

What’s It Going To Be?

I plan to work through the entire ST/Amiga Format and ST Format catalog and play a few games from each issue. Some issues I’ll play more than others, simply because they have more interesting games. Some, not so much. There’s no particular schedule to it, but I’ll post as I get time.

No doubt the earlier less sophisticated stuff will get shorter write ups but as the games start getting more sophisticated and interesting (around 1990) there’ll be more long-form stuff. I don’t plan to do video as I prefer the written word but I will probably link to videos by other people if I want to demo gameplay for any reason.

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