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Weird Dreams

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Weird Dreams begins with a fairly decent intro by 1989 standards, though sound is limited to chip warblings, and then we find ourselves in a room with pink things wandering around and a dangly pink dildo moving around that will kill you if it hits you (in fairly dramatic fashion).

Quite what is going on in this scene is anyone’s guess, certainly it’s a mystery to me. In its defence it looks fairly competent, and the frame rate isn’t too bad, though the walk animation for the main character has the pecularity that upon stopping he stops mid-stride rather than putting the airborne leg back down. Most games revert to the default standing frame in these situations.

Anyway, a bit of googling later and I found out that in that scene I’m in a cotton candy machine and must jump onto the pink dildo to escape. Let’s see how that goes. Still dying. Let’s grab the manual at and see if that gets me anywhere. Well fuck me sideways with a dead horse. A 64-page wankfest of a novella, and a reference guide to figure out the keyboard controls. Nothing helpful then. Right, off to Youtube.

Eventually I found a useful guide to the first screen, it seems I have to collect the blobs flying around to get them stuck to me but avoid the big stick, and only when the stick is replaced with a fresh one should I jump onto it. That sounds logical. And wrong.

In the end, after about 20 goes, I couldn’t get past the first screen. And there lies my greatest gaming shame. That said, to me this seems to have similar flaws to Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace, judging from my own experience and watching some YouTube videos, in that some slick graphics disguise a lack of gameplay which mostly consists of pressing the right button at the right time in a very limited action scene, rather than any meaningful gameplay.

If anyone wants to take a look at someone more skilled than me…

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