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As you can see in the review above, ST/Amiga Format gave Vigilante 70%. Still graphics were rated 3/5, moving graphics 3.5/5, and lasting interest 3/5. These are scores that indicate the game isn’t completely horrible. I have to ask what kind of crack Mark Higham was smoking. The game is so bad that I had to make a short video to show how bad it is. Don’t worry, I don’t speak on it.

So we’ll start with the sound. It’s a shitty chip tune. Even worse, when you kick someone in the face, there’s no indication of it via sound. Even the shite Double Dragon port managed that. Ok how about graphics? Well a kick is 2 frames, as is a punch. Walking looks like . I’m not quite sure what’s going on when you attempt a flying kick but it looks like he’s spazzing out. You have no vertical movement, it’s all on a single plane. The enemies line up to be punched. Animation consists of so few frames because if they had more frames you’d be waiting a week for the punch to complete, because it runs at 1 frame per fucking second.

Honestly, it’s an absolute unmitigated turd, even by 1989 standards, and ST/Amiga Format gave it a 70% rating. Seventy fucking percent.

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