Review: Better Dead Than Alien

Better Dead Than Alien

Better dead than alien is a vertical shooter akin to centipede or space invaders. The marketing and title screen try to give off a B-movie vibe but that never really makes a difference to the game. I used a mouse although you can use a joystick or the keyboard. The mouse allows more rapid and precise movement as any FPS player will tell you, and that’s why I used it. Overall it’s a simple enough shooter, without any major depth or replayability. Like many games of its era it’s cursed with horrendous framerates (10 fps at best) and this does lead to a lack of responsiveness.

It looks ok, but while the sprites for the enemies change from round to round, that has no real impact on the game, the ships continue to fly in formation, one will break out once in a while and if it misses you it wraps round to the top again. The game is easy because the enemies are mindless, but your firing rate is so slow that it quickly becomes a boring repetitive slog. The ST is capable of more than this and Better Dead Than Alien should serve only minor archaeological interest.

Next Issue
With one proper review and two short ones, that wraps up issue 3. Rest assured issue 4 is much better and features games I intend to spend a bit more time on.

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