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Barbarian 2

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So I thought it would be worth giving Barbarian 2 a quick look. I would however contend that its best feature is the box in which the game comes, which at least has the advantage of tits. Everyone loves tits.

After a bit of loading we arrive at the warrior choice screen, either a bloke or a bird, with a well-sampled voice asking us to choose our warrior. The game itself also features some nice sounds, likely sampled, which work pretty well, including an excellent burp when a dragon bites your head off.

The fight itself is a bit too jerky to be as much fun as I’d like, but it’s serviceable. I think they tried to cram too many controls into 1 button though.

As difficult as it is to remember all the combinations it also doesn’t feel very intuitive to perform those joystick moves and it can also be a dreadful pain in the arse to turn your character around – indeed even when you press the right key combination, half the time it is ignored.

Fights themselves are short and brutal, with a decent helping of gore (within the parameters of c64-level graphics), but the jerky animation typical of ST games early in its life just lets it down and leaves the experience lacking in fluidity.

In hindsight I can see how ST Format decided not to cover it, especially when one looks at the games they did cover.

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